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Bearpaw sheepskin boots are fast becoming a fashion craze and the comfortable choice for winter wear. Large and cozy, footwear from the Bearpaw product lines are affordable, durable and very, very adequate for matching with any outfit. Try browsing through a Bearpaw catalog and you’ll see what we mean. There’s simply no way that Bearpaw footwear would limit your creativity and selectivity with what you want to wear.

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These boots were made for the catwalk

Ever felt that you wanted to be ramp model? Well, you won’t have to go to Paris to get a taste of glamour; Bearpaw Boots are here to satisfy your desire for fashion at an affordable price. The most popular footwear under the Bearpaw brand include those with flat soles and those with “lugs” or thicker soles for gripping slippery snow. If you want something slim and svelte for your feet and legs, twelve-inch boots are your thing. Priced cheaply at $70 per pair, you’re sure to rule town with dark, sheepskin boots. If you want Bearpaw Boots that are a bit shorter, try the ten-inch variants that come in black, nutmeg, hickory, greay and chocolate colors. They can be purchased online for just $64 or even lower, depending on the time of the year.

Popular Bearpaw Boots
Eva eight, tenth, twelfth inches
Eva 8", 10", 12"
Bearpaw Grizzly
Bearpaw Sedna
Bear paw  Knit Tall
Knit Tall

Slip on these svelte Bearpaw slippers

Now, if you want something homey and casual to wear, then you’re not looking for boots; you’re looking for Bearpaw slippers! Sheepskin slippers are a bit different than those that you wear to the beach. For one, the toes and most of the front side of the feet are hidden from view.

For women, the Moc and Loki models are especially popular. Again, they come in a variety of colors like black and charcoal. These are perfect for those chilly days when you want to venture to town with just a good pair of pants and sturdy Bearpaw slippers that can insulate your feet well.

Popular Bearpaw Slippers
Bearpaw Moc
Bear paw Loki
Bear paw Darwin
Bear paw Chelsea

Warm shoes for chilly toes

Of course, there are smaller boots that can pass of as regular Bearpaw shoes. Examples of these are the Beartooth, Shetland, Nanook and Pasador II product lines. These shoes are often shorter than thirteen-inch boots and can easily be matched for office use or otherwise. Product lines like the Pasador II might appear too large for formal occasions, but they match dresses perfectly.

Bearpaw footwear are distinctive for their stylish use of fringes, laces and color combinations. Often, the wool itself is the contrasting color that serves to highlight and emphasize the sexy or rugged curves of the boots.

For the teenagers

Teenagers occupy a tricky place in the boot-making industry. Boot-makers have to make sure that their Bearpaws products wouldn’t bee too mature for the taste of teenagers. That’s why product lines like the Dream Jr. were created. The boots and shoes under the “Youth” category of Bearpaws are toned-down versions of the adult shoes. Teenagers can act dorky or sexy in them, depending on the mood. For those who are just beginning to discover their own brand of appearance, fringed bear paw boots with light colors are available at affordable prices.